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CEP Details by Coaching Level

NOTE:  The CEP levels (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) do NOT correspond to the levels you are coachingAll new coaches start at a Level 1 course, and the next year Level 2, etc, even if they are starting as a new Bantam coach.  The Age specific modules are what adds the education about the specific level.

MITE ONLY (NOT also coaching a higher level)

If you are coaching only a Mite team, USA Hockey requires that you have obtained a CEP at some point.  But, they will allow you to continue coaching mite teams with one that is expired. 


All of the CEP courses are either in person locally, or online.  You can register for an online course in any state. 

If you are a new coach and never had a CEP in the past, you are required to register for a CEP level 1 course before you proceed with registration (regardless of the level team you are coaching). 

All traveling coaches (and Jr Gold coaches) with an expired CEP are required to register for their next level course prior to proceeding to the coaching registration.   Roster signing requires proof that you have registered for a course.

JR GOLD COACHES (additional requirements)

Jr Gold High School Hockey League will schedule a weekend class for all Jr Gold coaches.  The location and time will be shared during the ice draft.  All Jr gold coaches are required to attend.  That class will automatically bump your CEP to the next level.  You must get approval to register for a different CEP course.