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Expense Reimbursement

Expense Reimbursement

Approval for your reimbursement will be required from the applicable Board Member below. Please submit your filled out and signed reimbursement form along with all receipts to the person listed below.

  • Mite coaches – Primary approver is Jake Swanson, backup is Chris Orlett.
  • Girls coaches – Primary approver is Cali Cheesebrow, backup is Chris Orlett.
  • Boys coaches – Primary approver is Ryan Cardinal, backup is Chris Orlett.
  • Tournament-related expenses  - Primary approver is Rachel Micheletti, backup is Tom Schoolmeesters.
  • Tryout Related Expenses – Primary approver is Michelle Rice, backup is Tom Schoolmeesters.
  • Board Members – Approver is Tom Schoolmeesters.
  • All Other Expenses – Approver is Tom Schoolmeesters.


There are multiple methods of getting these documents to them:

  1. Physically hand them off if you see them
  2. Drop them in the CYHA drop box in the CSA lobby
  3. Scan the documents and send them via email

Once the applicable Board Member reviews the reimbursement expense, they will approve it and pass it on to the Treasurer for check writing.