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CYHA Board Elections

CYHA Annual Elections - March 27th, 2024

CYHA will be holding its annual Board of Directors Election on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at Centennial Sports Arena, upstairs near the conference room. 

Voting will be open from 5:00pm and will conclude at 7:00pm after candidates have had a chance to present, and sufficient time following those presentations has passed, allowing voting to take place.

Open Positions

  • Girls Director
    • Open due to 3-year tenure completion.
  • Boys Director
    • Open due to existing Boys Director moving into VP Hockey/ACE role following 3-year tenure completion.
  • Tryout Director
    • Open due to existing Tryout Director moving into VP Adim following 3-year tenure completion.
  • Tournament Director
    • Open following prior year exit, currently filled with interim.
  • Volunteer Director
    • Open following a prior year exit, currently filed with interim.

2024 Applicants

Click on the applicants name to view their application.

  1. Brandon Newman
  2. Eric Rakow
  3. Glen Jenkins
  4. Kaylee Wissink (currently interim volunteer director)
  5. Logan Nugent
  6. Matt Kisskeys
  7. Tim Mortenson

2024 CYHA Board of Directors Open Positions - Job Responsibilities

Thomas Schoolmeesters


Phone: 612-919-0240