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Registration Process

Coach-Student Coach - Manager-Volunteer Credentials

This document contains the current list of Coaches, Managers and Volunteers registered with CYHA this year.  If you aren't in the PDF you aren't registered with CYHA yet.

Please use this document to verify yourself and/or your team staff as to what they are required to complete before rostering.

If your name/line is highlighted in green - you are all set.

Any yellow in your line - means that item is out of date and needs to be renewed / completed this year.

Any yellow item in the columns with the red/pink headers - Must be green prior to stepping on the ice or having any interaction with the kids (safesport, background screening, concussion)

Mangers and Volunteers - Your background screening will never show clear in USA Hockey.  There are a handful that do - because USA Hockey used some manual process last year to update their system-and it is good for 2 years.  They will NOT be continuing that this year.  As a result, you must send me a printout of your screening - to verify you took it - It must contain the date you took the course and your name.  Those I haven't received yet are highlighted in yellow.

Coaches:  if your CEP data shows N/A - and you are a prior coach - it typically means that the name used in your USA Hockey registration this year doesn't match your past credentials and you now have multiple profiles with USA Hockey.  If this is the case - you must call USA Hockey to merge your profiles.

Student Coaches - refer to the Student Coach Packet on the student coach page  for what you need to completed.

If you believe any of this information is not accurate - you must contact USA Hockey directly to fix it - It is their system and their data - I'm just running a report of what data they have for you so you can be rostered and avoid being redlined.

Please do not send me copies of your safesport certificates, CEP courses, etc.  I can't use them for rostering - your data MUST show current in the USA Hockey database.  The exception to this is the manager screening printouts and concussion course certificates.

Note:  CEP, Modules, Safesport and Background screenings take 1-3 business days to update through the USA Hockey system and show on your profile - If you recently took the course(s) - keep checking back.  If it isn't clear within 5 business days - something in the linking went wrong and you must call USA Hockey to fix it.

The Roster system will not let me add you to a roster without Safesport and Background screenings being current/clear (the manager Screening is the exception).  You have to have any CEP or Modules completed prior to roster signing but you can be rostered prior to that completion (Traveling teams roster signing is the first weekend in November.  Mite/JR Gold is the first weekend in December)


Please read the instructions an then process your registration using the link at the bottom of the page.

To speed up the process, register first with USAH if you haven't already.  Print a copy of the confirmation # for it wll be used in the CYHA coaches registration.  If you have already registered with USAH for the 2018-19 season, you can print a copy of your confirmation # by going to the USAH website.

All coaches, volunteers and managers must complete the background screening every 2 years.  To verify when you last took the screening, click the down arrow next to your NGIN Userid at the top of the page.  Select registrations in the drop down.  Look for your last screening date.  If it was last year, then you do NOT need to repeat the screening this year.

If you are new coach or your screening was done before last year, complete the Electronic Screening Form by clicking here.

If you are a coach and a team volunteer for another team, you only need to complete the registration once.

NEW:  Safesport and background screening are required to be current before any coach, manager or volunteer can be rostered.

Also NEW:  Coaches are required to have concussion training starting 2017-18 season.  This training is required to be completed every two years.



 IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR OWN NAME IN YOUR NGIN ACCOUNT THEN YOU MUST ADD IT PRIOR TO COMPLETING THIS REGISTRATION. IF YOU HAVE AN NGIN ACCOUNT FROM ANOTHER TEAM THEN YOU MUST LOGIN TO CYHA SITE AND CONNECT YOUR NGIN ACCOUNT WITH CYHA. This is the only way that USAH can connect you to CYHA Registration - you need to be logged in as yourself in our website. (A family member's NGIN account will not work for your coaches registration.  You must have your own name on the account to register as a coach.)

1.  All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must use the registration link below.

2.  As mentioned above, complete the BACKGROUND CHECK only if you are a new coach or if you did not complete the background check last year. Coaches, volunteers and managers now complete background check every two years.

4. Safesport is required to be current prior to rostering.  The course must be taken every 2 years.

5. NEW:  Concussion training is now required for all coaches.  he course must be taken every 2 years.

DO NOT FORWARD COPIES OF YOUR CEP CARDS AS THEY ARE NOT NEEDED.  USA Hockey is the primary source for this data.  If your information is not correct in USA Hockey, then you need to contact them directly to get the issue addressed, merge accounts if you have more than one, etc.  

If you have questions regarding the classes and training sessions, please go to USAH or contact the CYHA VP, found on the board page of the website.

Coaches will be reimbursed by the CYHA Treasurer for the cost of the USA Hockey coaching fees.  Please submit a copy of the fees for reimbursement.  A copy of the fees with your name and team name can be left at Centennial Arena in the drop box.

If you have issues with the registration, please contact Deb Matko at or 612-860-6371