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2018-2019 CYHA Tryout results


B2 Bantam

All other tryout #'s you will be contacted by your coach in the very future. 







Tryout Reminders

Tryout Reminders:

1 - Please pre-check your players gear and  bag with them, and  make sure they have all equipment needed and it is in working order.   Players will not be allowed on the ice without all equipment required.  THIS INCLUDES MOUTHGUARDS.  

2- Tryouts are closed to parents, please drop your child off and come back at the posted session end time for pickup.  Please do not hang out in the Rink Lobby. 


- District 10 strictly prohibits the possession and/our use of cell phones and/or any type of photographic device(s) in locker rooms.  

*First offense - will be removed from further team functions for a minimum of 2 District 10 games and/or sanctioned tournaments

* Second offense - will be removed from further team functions until a hearing with a District 10 committee can be convened. If evidence is obtained by D10, a fine to the individual, team, and/or the association may be assesed. 

4 - Removal of "ALL" helmet stickers - even past Centennial stickers, all non-centennial logos on goalie pads must be removed.  Manufacture brand stickers can stay.  All players must wear black, white, or red hockey socks. Stick tape, Skate Laces, are to be black or white only. Helmets and Breezers (Hockey Pants) must be black (with the exception of Goalie Helmets). 

5 - Tryout Jerseys will be handed out on the first night of tryouts for the player.  The player is to keep this practice jersey throughout the entire tryout process.  After team formations, they will be turned into team managers.  

6 - If your child must miss a scheduled tryout session due to any reason at all, please call Todd Adams 651-248-9134, Tom Perzichilli 651-955-3467, or Kirk Matko 612-750-4125.  This information is vital to having accurate sign in and rotation sheets for each session.  

Any questions please get in touch with one of us. 

2018 CYHA Tryouts

CYHA tryouts will begin on September 24th, 2018 and last approximately 2 weeks.  CYHA reserves the right to change dates as needed. Please check schedule often. 

Tentative CYHA tryout schedule, CYHA reserves the right to make changes to the schedule as needed.  Please check schedule often as tryouts approach. 

Tom Perzichilli

Tryout Director

Phone: 651-955-3467