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Coaches Commitment

By agreeing to coach a CYHA team, you are making a commitment to complete all of the mandatory credentials required by USA Hockey, MN Hockey, D10 Hockey and CYHA.  You are required to complete these credentials by the deadlines specified.

After the application, you are committing to complete ALL of the following within one week of being assigned to a CYHA team:  

  1. Current USA Hockey Coaching ID
  2. Current Concussion Course certificate and MN Hockey Concussion form
  3. Proof of CEP Course registration (course date before 12/20)
  4. CYHA Coaching  Registration (SportsEngine reg to submit your info to the registrar)
  5. Clear Safesport course
  6. Clear Background Screening
  7. Age specific coaching modules for the specific team level

If you would like to follow the coaching credential instructions at the USA Hockey site directly, here is the link:  USAH Coaching

NOTE: You MUST complete step # 4 below!!!

If you do all of the tasks on this page and skip step #4 below - none of your information will get to the Registrar to be rostered!!!  It would be the equivalent of doing your homework and not ever turning it in.

Coaching Application - Required to be reviewed and approved to coach

 You must still do the registration below before you can be put on a roster, and also before the registrar can give you feedback on what credentials you need.  

The CYHA Board requires that all individuals applying to coach one of the CYHA youth teams complete an online coaching application.  This will give the board information on your background and experience.  This is mandatory for those applying to be considered for head coach positions – which includes both parent and not parent coaches.

Once you have completed the coaching application, you MUST proceed to the 2nd step and complete the Coaching Roster Registration before you can be officially added to a team roster.

By completing this application, you are agreeing to complete all of the necessary coaching credentials (1-7 above) required by USA Hockey, MN Hockey and D10 Hockey within 1 week of officially being assigned to a team unless other arrangements are made with the registrar.

Coaches Registration for Rostering (Steps 1-7 below)

The Coaching Roster Registration is required to get your information to the Registrar so that you can be added to an official team roster.  The following steps (1-7) outline what is needed to become a coach with CYHA. 

Any expenses incurred during the following steps will be reimbursed to you by CYHA after you turn in the receipts along with a reimbursement request found here:  Expense Reimbursement

By agreeing to coach this season, you are also agreeing to complete the following steps within 1 week of being assigned to a CYHA team.  These steps are mandated by USA Hockey, MN Hockey and D10 Hockey. 

Returning staff can look up last years credentials on the CYHA Staff page.

If you are already familiar with the process, follow through the large red link boxes in steps 1-7 below to get registered.

Please follow these steps

1. (Annual) USA Hockey ID: 

Goto USA Hockey and obtain a current Coaches USA Hockey ID.  The link it provided below.

You can submit the receipt and a reimbursement request to CYHA for reimbursement - link at the top of this page.

2. (Annual Form/2 years Course) Concussion requirements (2 of them): 

Each coach is required to have 2 concussion requirements

b. Concussion course certificate (every 2 years)Every coach must have a current concussion certificate on file with the registrar.  The certificates are good for 2 years.  You are able to upload a copy of this years or last years certificate during registration.  You can also email the course certificate to the Registrar at a later time, but must be complete within a week of you being assigned to a team. 

The link to the course can be found at the bottom of the MN hockey form below.  If you have a course completion certificate from another sport that was completed last season, that is also valid.  The link is below.

a. MN Hockey Concussion form (annual): This form indicates that you will abide by the information in the concussion course you are required to take.  This form CANNOT HAVE ANY ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE – or you will be redlined. 

You MUST print and sign the document, or if you have the tool to sign the document with your signature using a mouse or stylus.  You must complete this form and have it ready to upload during the registration.   The form link here for you to download and sign.

3. (Expiration varies) CEP (USA Hockey Coaching Education Program)

Requirements and course renewal instructions.  If you have an expired CEP and are NOT coaching mites, or you have never had a CEP - you must follow the instructions below and register for the appropriate CEP course before proceeding. 

Just the Proof of course registration (course receipt) and course date is required during the step #4 CYHA registration.  Completion of the actual course is due by December 20th.   

Anyone who has not completed the required CEP course by December 20th will be removed from the roster and not eligible to be rostered in subsequent years.  If you have extenuating circumstances, you must contact the registrar and make other arrangements.

Click here for a popup of Additional CEP Requirement details by Coaching Level:  Mite/Traveling/JG

CEP Lookup Information

If you are unsure of your current CEP and expiration date, please use this link to check your status:  USAH Coach Lookup (  This link will allow you to look up your CEP along with any age specific modules you may currently have.  Note, the age specific modules never expire.

You can also check last seasons credentials and dates  located on the CYHA Staff page.

You can submit the receipt and a reimbursement request to CYHA for reimbursement - link at the top of this page.

4. (Annual) **** Register with CYHA as a Coach ****

Once you have turned in your coaching application request and completed steps 1-3 above, next you need to register with CYHA as a coach to submit your information to the registrar for rostering.   This is the normal SportsEngine registration that has been used for many years.

When you have finished the registration link below, you will receive a confirmation email upon submission.  If you don't get the email, you didn't finish.  To finish the coach registration, you will need: 

  1. Current Coach USA Hockey ID
  2. Signed MN Concussion Form
  3. Receipt from CEP course registration (if expired or new)

The Registration "Coaches" is not currently available.

5. (Annual) SafeSport

All coaches must complete the SafeSport course before they can be rostered, and also before they can have any interaction with the players (on or off the ice).  SafeSport is now an annual requirement.  To get to the SafeSport course, please follow these instructions:

  1. Goto the USA Hockey SafeSport page (Link below)
  2. Login to the site with your USA Hockey ID credentials
  3. Click the red “Click here for U.S. Center for SafeSport Training” box at the top of the page
  4. Complete all of the modules or the refresher.
  5. Note:  The SafeSport course will clear within 24 hours of completion

6.  (Every 2 years) Background Screening

All coaches must complete a background screening every 2 years.  The background screening must be clear before you can be rostered, and also before you can have any interaction with the players (on or off the ice).  If you are unsure when you took the course last – or know you need to renew, follow the steps below.  If your screening is still valid, it will tell you.  Or you can check last years data on the CYHA Staff Page.

Note:  If you get asked for the Self Registration ID, please enter: 35615801 

  1. Goto the USA Hockey Background Screen page (Link below)
  2. Login to the site with your USA Hockey ID credentials
  3. Click the red “Click here to begin a new background screen” box in the middle of the page
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the screening.  You will be charged a fee (~$30) to complete the course – you can submit the receipt and a reimbursement request to CYHA for reimbursement.
  5. Note:  Background screening can take 7-10 days to clear, sometimes it takes much longer.  Submit this asap.

7. (Varies; non expiring) Coaching Age Specific Module

All coaches are required to have the appropriate age specific module completed prior to being rostered.  The CEP courses are generic - independent of age level you are coaching.  The Age modules give specific training based on the age of the players.  

If you are now coaching a new level, you likely need to take the age module.  The age modules never expire.  You can check your current module status here:  USAH Coach Lookup (  For reference, the required modules for each level are:

(Modules condensed by USA Hockey in 2023)

  1. Mites/Girls 8U:  8 and Under
  2. Squirts/PeeWee / Girls 10U & 12U:  10 and Under and 12& Under
  3. Bantams / Girls 15U/ Jr Gold/Midget: 13 & Over

If you do not have the age specific module for all levels you are coaching, you must register for and complete the online course.  You can find them on the coach's page on the USA hockey site.  They are self-paced online courses that take about 3 hours to finish.  They will clear electronically within 24 hours of completion.

You can submit the receipt and a reimbursement request to CYHA for reimbursement - link at the top of this page.

If you have questions, you can reach out to the President, Boy/Girls Director, VP of Hockey or the Registrar.  You can also ask any returning coach as these requirements have been in place for many years.