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    There are many devoted and talented individuals who commit their time, effort, and skills to the players in our association -- and the Centennial Boys High School program plans to recognize one of these individuals annually for his or her contributions.  This award will be presented to a CYHA coach (girls or boys, head or assistant) for his or her coaching activities, sportsmanship, player development, personal coaching development, and dedication to CYHA.

    Centennial Sports Arena Improvements

    Thank you all for getting out and voting on 11/6.  Both of the levies passed!!!!  Thank you for supporting our schools and community.  

    This is great news in terms of getting the Phase 1 upgrades completed, our rink will get huge and long needed face lift. 

    Below is a link to the election results for ISD 12, as well as the initial plans for the rink.   

    Levy Funding Improvements $8.5MM:

    Key Improvements

    • New Ice plant, dehumidification system, boards, glass and convert to NHL size ice sheet.
    • New Lobby, Concessions, and Restrooms
    • Mezzanine (above Bleachers)
      • Team Rooms below (shell only)
      • New Bleachers
      • Elevator
    • Dryland Training Space (existing garage)
      • For all Centennial Sports
      • Finishing/Equipment not funded
    • Relocate High School coaches offices
      • necessary for Mezzanine
    • Desing, Repairs, Painting, Contingency, New Scoreboard, Sound, Misc. 


    D10 Cell Phone & Photographic Devices Policy

    Photographic Devices Policy -

    District 10 strictly prohibits the possession and/or use of cell phones and/or any type of photographic device(s) in locker rooms.
    Effective with the start of the 2018-2019 Hockey Season, use of phones, cameras or any device that has the ability to take pictures or videos in a locker room is prohibited. Any player(s), locker room monitor(s), coach(s), parent(s), or person(s) being caught using phones or photographic devices, in any locker room:
    • First offense – WILL be removed from further team functions for a minimum of 2 District 10 games and/or sanctioned tournaments
    • Second offense – Will be removed from all further team functions until a hearing with a District 10 committee can be convened. If evidence is obtained by D10, a fine to the individual, team and/or the association may also be assessed.

    Coaches & Players – If the use of a phone is required, you MUST step outside of the locker room to use it.
    It would be best for the players to leave such devices in the vehicle they came to the arena in, or leave such device with a responsible party before entering the locker room.

    2018-2019 Coach/Manager Registration is now Open

    District 10 Hockey

    CYHA Board of Director Elections 2019

    CYHA will be having its annual Board of Directors Elections on 3/27/2019. 

    There are 5 openings, each with a 3 year term.  The new term on the CYHA Board will begin April 1, 2019.   Openings are:  President, VP Admin, Secretary, Boys Director, and Fundraising Director.



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